Empowering Creators to Grow and connect with their AudienceS In REAL Time

We are obsessed with leveling up the VR spectator experience, and providing intimate and interactive ways for Creators to connect with their Superfans

Who We Are

The LIV team consists of ex-competitive gamers, Twitch streamers, game developers and nerds who tried early VR HMDs and became convinced that VR is the future of interactive entertainment and esports.

And yet when trying to broadcast our adventures in VR, we found that the spectator experience is broken. The tools we use for traditional game broadcasting don’t cut it.

In VR your body is the controller, and that is part of the magic. You’re fully immersed, and unless we can show the player interacting with their VR environment, the audience is missing out on that magic.

And that’s how we got started — we wanted to level up the VR spectator experience. Today we’re in full swing, and if you’re as passionate about this as we are, there’s room for you too.

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Core Values

Creators First

Above all else, LIV serves creators. We help creators share their immersive gaming experiences and connect with their fans in meaningful ways.

Real Humans

At LIV, we recognize that we are all humans, each with our own strengths and weaknesses. We prioritize inclusion to ensure everyone is able to express themselves.

360° FOV

We are a remote-first team, and— even though we can't be everywhere at once— we can do our best to keep our teammates informed by communicating proactively and encouraging transparency.

Our Culture

Culture is not a set of beliefs, it is a set of actions
Ben Horowitz
We are strong believers in doing well as well as doing good, and we care deeply about the culture we’re building at LIV.

This dictates how we work with each other internally, and how we wish to interact with others as we go through our journey.

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Whether you want to talk about partnership opportunities or just nerd out about our work, we’d love to hear from you.