March 26, 2023
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Meet The Artist: Bambi

With the LIV Store finally launched into early access, we're excited (and extremely grateful) to work with some absolutely amazing avatar creators! Keep an eye on this series to get to know more about the talented people behind these assets, how they got started and their inspirations!


When did you first get into VR?

I really started getting into it in 2019 when I met some people online that introduced me to VRChat, I quickly got hooked onto it since it was so different from other PC games :) Immediately wished for a VR Headset on my birthday that year as well, since being able to connect face to face in VR with a person from the other side of the world feels so special.

What are some of your favorite things to do in VR?

Just world hopping and discovering new fun and beautiful worlds is my all-time favorite. There's hundreds of worlds that get added each month, some even feel like a whole own game. There's this one horror map called ''The Devouring'' which has about 8h playtime, a whole saving and progression system and a deep story, it was truly mind blowing to me when I first played it!

How did you learn to create avatars?

Self taught! I tried to start creating for like 4 times to make myself a personal avatar, but always gave up until the last try, then it just 'clicked' in my head. YouTube tutorials taught me most of the basics and for troubleshooting I'd pop into Discord Servers, where many people are actually very happy to help!

Was there anything (or anyone) that inspired your avatar designs/themes?

No, not really. I get unique inspiration for each model I create, for example my newest WIP got inspired by Huskies and another one was inspired by the Cheshire cat! But I also buy a lot of 2D character design art and turn them into 3D models in my style.

Zeriah, available on the LIV store!

What's the hardest part of making avatars? What's the most enjoyable part?

I'll start with the enjoyable part- coming up and creating the design in Blender. To me, it just feels like I am dressing up my dream characters and watching them come together is so much fun!

The hardest part for me personally is actually finishing it lol! Whenever I get to the Unity part, I tend to loose a lot of motivation since the character is basically done looks-wise, making me want to start a whole new avatar again... it just never stops!

What makes your avatars stand out?

My avatars are very anime-ish and cute, often with animal or fantasy creature elements. Basically everything I personally would wish for to exist in real life, to help people express themselves online - If you feel like a glitter fairy, then you should be able to look like one as well! I want people be able to relate to their online character, a big grey robot most of the time just doesn't do the trick!

How did you come up with the concept of your OC?

She's this character I portray myself as online, kinda like a persona, but also kinda a mascot to my business? She's based on the very first avatar I ever created, which was a deer (obvious choice) and I absolutely love pink and sakura petals, so it was decided. From there I just got her drawn a lot, then started not liking her original look anymore and commissioned an artist to help me re-design her & from there she's just been my favorite ever since. :)

Created by yukomeow0222

Do you have any personal/professional goals when it comes to creating avatars?

For now? Not really. I love where I'm at and I couldn't wish for it to be any different. But I would love to create avatars for VTubers/Streamers one day, it always makes me super happy to see people wear my creations and to know that someone chose me to bring their idea to life, so they can show it to their viewers sounds amazing!

If you could design a character for any game, what would it be?

I had to give it a bit of thought, but I think I'd absolutely love to create a character for a Disney story game! Disney has so many different universes that I'd often imagine myself into as a kid, I fantasize about what my character would look like in specific movies, how they'd fit into the story and so on. They also don't shy away from animalistic or mythical creatures, which is right up my alley!

What advice would you give to others who want to create their own avatars?

Start now and don't stop when it gets a little hard. Waiting will just cause you to take longer to learn everything. Also try to connect with other creators in their servers (keep in mind not everyone is open to that tho!) and ask around in help channels whenever you feel lost, most people love to support others and help spread their knowledge in every way they can! Some even hold little 'classes'.

You can find Bambi's current avatar listings on the LIV Store here, and don't forget to follow her over on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok!

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