May 28, 2023
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Introducing LIV Store Services!

Are you ready to take your VR avatar creations to the next level? Exciting news awaits all aspiring VR avatar sellers and those seeking unique avatars as the LIV Store introduces its new range of services.

Commission Custom Avatars: Unleash Your Imagination

Have you ever dreamed of owning a custom-made VR avatar that perfectly represents your virtual persona? With the LIV Store's commission services, you can bring your wildest imaginations to life. Collaborate with talented VR avatar creators to design avatars that reflect your unique style and personality.

a dr doom themed avatar commission request on the LIV store

Avatar Modifications: Tailor Your Avatar to Perfection

Already have an avatar but want to make some tweaks? The LIV Store's avatar modification services have got you covered. Whether it's adding new hair, optimizing for Quest compatibility, or making other custom changes, our skilled sellers can help you transform your avatar into something even more extraordinary.

File Conversion: Seamless Adaptability

Is your existing avatar in a different file format that's incompatible with your preferred platform? No worries! The LIV Store's file conversion services allow you to convert avatars from one file type to another, ensuring maximum compatibility and accessibility across various VR platforms.

Our UI allows both buyer and seller to view a handy progress bar of where things currently are in the commission process. As a seller, you can request an increase in the asking budget, as well adjust the percentage of deposit required in order to start the job. You can also add progress files and message back and forth in browser between buyer and seller.

The LIV Store's new services are revolutionizing the world of VR avatars, offering unparalleled opportunities for both sellers and buyers. Don't miss out on the chance to explore the limitless possibilities of custom avatars, avatar modifications, and seamless file conversions.

Join the Vibrant LIV Store Community: Become a seller on the LIV Store by joining our invite only beta and showcase your artistic skills to a global audience of VR enthusiasts. Benefit from the LIV Store's platform which caters specifically to VR, allowing you to monetize your creative talents - non exclusively!

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