Capture yourself inside your favorite VR & AR games

LIV is your complete toolset for VTubing, Mixed Reality Capture and VR native utilities like in-headset stream chat, alerts and notifications!

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LIV for Creators

Share your VR adventures with your friends, family and fans using best-in-class VR capture technology

Complete Avatar & VTubing functionality

Including support for up to 14 point tracking, mouth animations, eye animations and bindable expressions (coming soon)

Industry leading
Mixed Reality Capture features

Including machine-learning based background removal

Go above and beyond

With features suchs as LUTs, Filters and advanced Avatar calibration

LIV for Developers

Put your game in the hands of the worlds largest community of dedicated VR creators

Simple drag&drop SDK

For Unity, Unreal and custom engines

Out-of-engine rendering
and compositing

Optimized for game stability and performance

Drive UGC

Being created from within your game

What our creators say

"LIV has been a vital part of my content creation and virality. It has allowed me to showcase Virtual Reality in a more immersive way which is usually really hard to do.


"LIV has really upped the game in terms of interactivity with streaming. Not only is their StreamerKit app incredibly handy to read chat while in VR, being able to make it look like I am physically in a game is incredibly easy with their program."

"LIV has made mixed reality streaming really accessible and allowed me to create some of the best clips on my channel for really conveying the experience of Virtual Reality to an audience on a flat screen!"

LIV Features

A rich library of VR Creator tools and technologies to enhance and simplify your streaming experience

VTubing with LIV Avatars

Generate a selfie from an Avatar, or import your own custom character and become whoever or whatever you want to be

Support for .VRM, .Avatar and Ready Player Me avatars

Support for half body, full body and up to 14 point tracking incl full finger tracking

Full range eye
and mouth animations

Mixed Reality Capture

Capture yourself using a real camera inside your favorite VR games

Supports a wide range of cameras, from webcam’s to high end DSLR’s

Ability to export individual layers for manual post-processing

Stream utilities

Streamerkit is your personal stream deck aimed at making interacting with chat, and receiving alerts and notifications, a breeze in VR

Customizable in-headset stream chat widget and HUD popups for alerts

Built with in-game performance in mind: ultra low overhead cost

Integrations with Streamlabs, Streamelements and Discord

Ready to stream yourself from the metaverse?

But wait! There's More!

Once you're ready to dive deep, LIV let's you customize your setup to fit your liking. Easy to use, but with ultimate control

Avatar Cameras

A wide range of camera modes for VTubing including Selfie, Third Person and Gamepad

Avatar Dynamic bones

Support for rich Avatars with dynamic bones

Camera Control

Choose distance, height, smoothing, FoV and much more -- all live in-game!

LUT's and Filters

Enhance your quality through advanced post-processing effects

Custom masking

Mask out odd background shapes for Mixed Reality Capture

Quality Control

Choose capture resolution, output resolution and output format

LIV Labs

Streaming is in our DNA, and LIV Labs mission is to push the envelope of what is possible with VR & AR streaming technologies. These are often experimental…😈


LIV Spaces

Spaces is an experiment in bringing your non-VR friends & fans into the headset with you. Your fans can now join you in your headset as 3D Avatars all while they are on the web. Interact with your community in an immersive, unique-to-VR way!


LIV Mobile

Our mobile app is an experiment in trying to squeeze the capabilities of LIV into a mobile form factor. Currently supports Mixed Reality Capture and Virtual Cameras without Avatars, and is in Alpha on Testflight


LIV Custom

We are interested in everything related to capturing and sharing VR!

If you have ideas, we'd love to help realize them

Ping us!

Ready to stream yourself from the metaverse?

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LIV Discord

Our Discord is the largest home for dedicated VR creators and developers, and a great place to connect with the community. Hop in and see what the fuss is all about

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