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The iOSĀ app is the latest way to share your VR experience. Download now on Testflight.

share your favorite vr experience using liv!

Record yourself inside games

No post-production needed! LIV works live.

Works with webcams, professional digital cameras, and iOS devices.

See your chat and your alerts

Interact with Twitch viewers and chat while you play, no need to remove your headset.

Dont have a

Pick an Avatar! LIV Avatars support full-body tracking, finger tracking, eye animation, and lip tracking.

Get the LIV Desktop App

And become a creator of the future

And more features


Setup several profiles for quick switching

Camera Modes

With Selfie, Third-person and Scriptable cameras. Full control in your hands.

Device Support

Support for a large library of headsets and cameras

No Green Screen?

No green screen? No problem. Use a Kinect V2, Kinect Azure or our iOS app

Headset Alerts

Customize your in-headset for Twitch alerts!

Advanced Functionality

Advanced functionality like LUTs and Static Masks

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