Put your game
in the hands of creators

Integrate LIV’s drag & drop SDK and generate UGC from the world's largest community of VR creators


A lightweight data transmission layer that enables LIV to do it’s rendering and compositing out-of-engine

Cross engine support

Support for Unity, Unreal and Custom Engines

Performant & Respectful

Optimized to be as performant as possible, and will only activate when the LIV App connects

Full PCVR support

Works on any PCVR headset, including tethered standalone devices

Future proofed

Support for any cameras and avatars

Flexible technology

Give your users the ability to choose how they want to share their experiences in your game

Complete tooling

Best-in-class capture tooling, automagically setup for your game

What the developers say

"LIV was a complete breeze to integrate into SUPERHOT VR. It really helped our fans create a bunch of super content, 10/10 would LIV again."

Alastair Hebson

"I wanted to make it possible for content creators to make mixed reality recordings of their painting process. I thought it'd be a serious undertaking, but it turns out it's literally just dropping the single LIV component on your player camera, and everything just works."

"LIV has truly been pioneering mixed reality for showcasing VR to the R*! (*as in real reality).We integrated LIV as soon as possible while developing our VR game, Audio Trip, knowing that mixed reality is as close as we can get to sharing the experience of VR with others."

Ashley Cooper

"If it weren't for LIV, it wouldn't have been possible to create such a kickass trailer for Smash Drums! I'll be forever grateful for this: you guys created the ULTIMATE mixed reality toolkit, and you should be very proud! Love you <3."


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