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Frequently Asked Question

Which PCVR games are supported?

You can find the PCVR supported games/apps list here:

Which native Quest games are supported? 

(QoPC & Mobile) You can find the Quest supported games list here: 

Can I use games from the Oculus or Viveport store?

Oculus store games do not currently work.
Viveport games work as long as the game has the LIV SDK.

Which headsets are supported? 

For PCVR we support any headset that is able to connect/work through SteamVR. Quest-on-PC only works with the Quest headset’s.

Which avatar formats can I use with LIV?

Currently you can use .avatar .vrm or ReadyPlayerMe avatars.

How do I get a good calibration?

Which streaming platforms does StreamerKit work with?

Twitch currently

How do I get StreamerKit?

Download LIV from the Steam store, after opening the LIV app click Launch StreamerKit!

Can I use LIV without a greenscreen?

Yes! Our in app no-green-screen solution (segmentive), LIV Camera, Xbox One Kinect, Azure Kinect and LIV Avatars

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