Avatars & Vtubing, simplified

Unlock a wealth of ways to share your VR experiences as your favorite Avatar

Powerful & Easy
to use Avatar Tech

From set up of Avatars to controlling your LIV cameras, you can do everything directly in VR!

Easy to use

Switching Avatars and controlling cameras are entirely handled by a simple, accessible 1-hand interaction system

Custom Avatar support

We support .vrm, .avatar, .glb and Ready Player Me avatars, with more coming!

Deep game library

LIV supports >800 VR apps including many of the biggest games in VR!

Expressiveness and customizability

Our goal is to allow you to be exactly who you want to be, and give you as much expressiveness as your system allows

Support for up to 14-point tracking

Attach as many VIVE trackers to your body as you can fit, and see it translate into natural avatar movements

Simple & Advanced calibration

Strike a T-pose for a quick calibration, or meticulously adjust the bones until everything fits just right

How LIV Avatars work


Download & Install LIV

You can download LIV directly from Steam and install it on any SteamVR ready PC


Sign up and create an Avatar profile

You only need to sign up once, but you can have as many profiles as you want!


Launch game through LIV

You’re now ready to jump into your favorite game by launching the game through the LIV App


Open your in-VR LIV menu

Hover your green pointer over the LIV menu and control everything from within VR using simple single-hand interactions!

More Features


Changing avatars and adjusting the cameras happen live, in-game!


See your LIV feed directly inside the headset, and attach it anywhere you like: your hands, HUD, your camera or anywhere in the world

Performance flexible

Change your capture resolution to improve performance or quality to fit your system specs

Deep control

Change the distance, field of view, camera behavior, smoothing and more as you control the camera live

Output settings

Choose the resolution and destination of your output

Custom cameras

Discover custom camera scripts, or create your own and watch the LIV cameras come to life with intelligence!

System Requirements

When the LIV App connects to a game, it adds some performance cost. It's highly dependent on the game, and we're constantly improving the performance of our engine!


Min spec: Nvidia 1060 or equivalent (6gb VRAM)


Min spec: Intel i5 or equivalent


SSD or NVME drives


8gb of DDR3 or better

LIV's VTubers in action!

What our users say!

"LIV helped me launch my career as a full time creator. The app massively empowered me by letting my switch between avatars and keep those appearances between different VR games. It's super practical to be able to use avatars without having to rely on game mods.


"LIV Really changed the streams, going from first person, to a third person perspective with many cameras! Not to forget the Avatar features, which is one of the main groundbreaking items within LIV for me, without LIV there wouldn't be a stream like i have now."

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