Greetings adventurer, stay a while and listen!

LIV is on a mission to empower creators in VR & AR to share their adventures with their friends, family and fans. Founded by former competitive gamers and VR streamers we've become the leading VR & AR capture technology company and feel like we're only beginning! 

We're a 100% distributed team of nerds who are proud to develop solutions for the next generation of creators and game developers, and are always looking for more brains to apply themselves to our never ending list of problems to solve!

A love for gaming & streaming unites us all. Are you taking up the main LIV quest line?

Why Work With Us

Get your hands on frontier tech
Even though we've been building LIV since 2017, we're still early and are solving fundamental problems in VR capture and streaming. Joining us means you'll have the opportunity to drive major impact on our trajectory with ample room to grow within the company.

Our goal is to become the de facto platform for VR & AR content creation and consumption and to do that we need to continue to build, innovate and expand the capabilities of the platform. We want to enhance the ways people can express themselves in VR, and improve the casting & streaming experience for our users.

We're former competitive gamers and content creators. As such, we are truly a company built by creators, for creators. We understand the problems that content creators in VR face, and are passionate about solving them. We listen to our community and test our new features directly with one of the largest VR communities in the world.

We believe happy people do their best work, and focus on providing a work environment that is empowered, fun and rewarding.

100% Remote
LIV has had a 100% remote working culture since 2017, pre-pandemic! As a result, we've had ample time to figure out effective ways of communicating and working together. While we look for people who can commit to certain time overlays for US and EU folks, we hire globally and optimize for getting the best people on board.

You can expect tons of ownership, deep trust from the team and the flexibility to work on your terms.

Perks & Benefits

We think people should get paid their worth and have ownership and freedom at work. We want to work with the brightest and most passionate and try our best to reflect that.

Competitive compensation

We pay competitive salaries and offer generous equity packages.

100% distributed

A truly distributed culture with no central HQ! 

Unlimited PTO

We trust our team members to take time off when they need and want to!

Flexible hours

Everyone has different work styles. 
Structure your work how it fits you!

What our team members say?

Behold! LIV team members patting ourselves on the back, because reviews are important... right? :)

“An amazing place to work”

LIV is one of the best places that I've worked at. Everyone on the team are nice, professional human beings. Our cutting edge technology empowers us to deliver quality products that are a joy to work on.

Web developer

“An amazing place to work”

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John Carter
VP of Marketing

Open positions

LIV is an equal opportunity employer with a diverse and talented group of contributors