Mixed Reality Capture, simplified

Capture yourself inside your favorite VR games using any camera, from your entry level webcam to professional grade DSLR’s and beyond

A simple, powerful application

Mixed Reality, live.

No more complicated setups, lengthy manual OBS setups and relying on legacy code. LIV handles everything for you, from setup to calibration and final output

Simple Calibration

Set up and calibrate your camera entirely within VR using 3 simple steps

Deep game library

LIV supports >800 VR apps including many of the biggest games in VR!

Customize your liking

A wide range of tools to make Mixed Reality Capture fit your space & hardware

Wide range of devices supported

Mixed Reality works with any PCVR headset, as well as Meta Quest 1, 2, 3 and Pro with more devices supported as they are released

How LIV Mixed Reality works


Download & Install LIV

You can download LIV directly from Steam and install it on any SteamVR ready PC


Set up & calibrate your camera

Create a camera profile, and calibrate your camera directly inside VR using a simple 3-click calibration process


Launch game through LIV

You’re now ready to jump into your favorite game by launching the game through the LIV App

More Features

Performance flexible

Change your capture resolution to improve performance or quality to fit your system specs


See your LIV feed directly inside the headset and make eye contact with your audience

Output settings

Choose the resolution and destination of your output

Artificial zoom

Frame yourself to your liking using software based FoV override

Hide the ugly

Create a custom mask to better cut out your environment

Ultimate control

Head into Advanced mode and export textures individually for post-production

System Requirements

When the LIV App connects to a game, it adds some performance cost. It's highly dependent on the game, and we're constantly improving the performance of our engine!


Min spec: Nvidia 1060 or equivalent (6gb VRAM)


 Min spec: Intel i5 or equivalent


SSD or NVME drives


8gb of DDR3 or better

LIV Mixed Reality in action!

Check out our community of creators, production houses and game developers who use LIV to create the coolest looking VR content on the planet

An app by creators,
for creators

"LIV has actually changed my life. I've blown up on TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch in what feels like virtually overnight. The fact that people can see me goof around inside games is magical-- people are really engaged with my content. I can't thank LIV enough"


"Thanks to the content I can create with LIV, I've been able to launch a career creating incredible content. In a way I could only dream of. Being part of a game feels so amazing and badass at the same time!"

"LIV is a fast & flexible tool for VR creators from novice to pro, and an essential marketing tool for VR titles."


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