LIV's Unreal SDK unlocks new mixed reality games for creators and developers!

May 14, 2021

Three new games are getting fresh LIV Unreal integration. If you're developing an Unreal game, let's walk you through how the LIV Unreal SDK makes your life easier!

Unreal developers, we've upgraded the LIV Unreal SDK! We're already seen viewers share mixed reality gameplay from dozens of Unity titles like Beat Saber, SUPERHOT, and Until You Fall. Now it's your turn!

I would've paid good money for a spectator cam in Sprint Vector.

Mixed reality trailers have a notably higher level of viewer retention than raw, shaky first person gameplay. Getting your audience excited about your game and getting it on their Steam wishlists can be the difference between yet another VR flop and a strong game launch.

You’ve spent all this time making your Unreal game awesome, make sure your players think it is too! (And if you need some help making an incredible mixed reality trailer, reach out to us!)

This is good news for content creators too: you’ll have more games to stream on Twitch or post on YouTube!

For you developers, let’s get into our new Unreal SDK changes:

- The LIV Unreal SDK supports Unreal 4.24, 4.25, and 4.26.
- Minimal setup, no configuration required.
- No calibration files needed anymore, and players can capture your game from the games list suggested in the LIV app! You can switch cameras or recalibrate any time.
- Several bug fixes: LIV’s output matches more accurately what the player sees.
- New functionality to control postprocessing for LIV’s output specifically without impacting the game itself.
- Better performance in the LIV compositor!
- Color space mismatch: sometimes the output would be too dark, that’s no longer an issue.
- Ongoing Unreal SDK updates; maintenance by LIV engineers and supporting Unreal engine updates!

For content creators, we already have two games working with the new Unreal SDK, with a third game coming soon!

The Morrigan is a physics-based, free-flowing melee combat game. Complete with puzzle filled dungeons, terrifying traps, story and wave modes, and over 20 weapons crafted just for VR!

AtomBombBody engaging in unreal combat.

While The Morrigan just released just a month ago, cyubeVR is an Unreal VR classic. cyubeVR’s procedurally generated world lets you explore complex cave networks, climb up huge hills, and build your way up to massive floating islands. Build your shelter and weapons, crafting in VR means you use your hands to build naturally instead of menus!

Craft by putting things together with your hands, just like real life!

And coming in late-May, use LIV to capture Paradiddle on Steam too! Paradiddle lets you play the drums in VR without the limitations of the real world. You can learn to play the drums with a realistic sound system, and drag and drop as many drums as you’d like into your space! Paradiddle comes with tons of customization options, you can even send MIDI output from the game to trigger your own samples in your favorite digital audio workstation.

It's much easier to setup a virtual drum kit than a real one!

All three of these games are boasting hundreds of Very Positive reviews on Steam, be sure to try them out if you’re looking to give your audience a bit of variety on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming!

With the release of the LIV Unreal SDK, we’re looking forward to bringing you some of the most highly requested Steam titles to the LIV desktop app. Are you a developer who wants to be next? Head over to the LIV developer portal to get started . Once your game works with LIV, hit us up on Twitter for a bit of a social media boost!

Nicky from StealthShampoo

Nicky is a Twitch Partner and former professional livestreamer. He's now the Creator Marketer at LIV, connecting content creators and developers to their players and fans. His favorite games are rhythm games and the incredibly underrated monster collecting game, Temtem.