March 16, 2023
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We have FORCED LIV into Gorilla Tag!

Let's LIV in all the Games!

We at LIV know which games are poppin'! And which games that VR content creators want to take to the next level for their content. There are two methods for us at LIV to get Mixed Reality support into games:

1) Partner (or beg) developers to add our easy-to-use SDK directly into their Unity or Unreal Engine game! And while this is the best way to get LIV into a game, we know this requires developers to devote resources and time to do so. So this leads us to our second method we plan to incorporate LIV in games much more often:

2) BRUTE FORCE EM IN WITH MODS! The PC VR Modding community has been growing strong this past couple years. They have collectively brought house-hold named "flat games" to VR. And pushed the boundaries. We are trying to do this as well, but for LIV support.

Get ready for some Monkeh Madness!

Gorilla Tag is undoubtedly a phenomenon in the VR gaming community. A free game that has a lot of great content already out on Social Platforms. We pushed out what it may look like when you add Mixed Reality to it! Which is the GIF you see above.

We are happy to announce you can now add LIV support by following some pretty easy steps. Using Monkey Mod Manager, LIV, and Gorilla Tag: Content Creatorscan go absolutely... wait for it... bananas! 🍌

Head over to this github for the full instructions of how to try it out. And keep an eye on our Twitter for any other games that we add LIV support in!

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