March 16, 2023
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Unreal Engine 5 Updates to the LIV SDK!


• Added support for UE 5.0, 5.1
• UE 4.27 has not yet been updated to v2.0.0
• Added warning when DirectX 11, SteamVR are not prioritized in the project config
   • LIV currently requires DirectX 11 + SteamVR
   • This shouldn't affect your project unless you rely on OpenXR-specific plugins

• Removed CaptureMeshClipPlane(No)PostProcess
   • Games will now use  CaptureSingle by default unless CaptureGlobalClipPlane(No)PostProcess was previously specified
   • For more information, see "Advanced Integration":
• Removed dead code, many unused shaders
   • C++, shader compilation times should improve

• Fixed a bug where textures' dimensions would be incorrect due to RDG texture pooling
• Fixed a bug where textures' colors were not being converted between linear/sRGB
• Fixed a bug where the LIV module would load on non-Win64-client target platforms, then sit idle (e.g. Linux server and Android/Quest standalone)

Known issues:

• Some versions of the Oculus/Unreal Engine fork don't compile due to "EyeAdaptationCS"|

As always, please let us know about any bugs that come up!


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