LIV Developer SDK

Improve your MR performance in Unreal Engine and Unity games, and allow creators to natively run them in Mixed Reality using the LIV® App. Our lightweight SDK enables:

Our lightweight SDK's features:
  • Full support for SteamVR headsets
  • Future-proof support for any and all cameras / avatars. See our wiki for more!
  • Zero performance hit when not capturing with LIV
  • Highly-performant out-of-engine compositing to minimize total overhead
  • Doesn't use your app's desktop window for output, so you can use it as a first-person mirror, desktop UI, etc.
v. 4.15+
Unreal Engine sdk

Unreal SDK

  • Drag-and-drop integration -add our plugin, rebuild, and capture. Tweak to taste.
  • Choose what to show - you can hide actors & components easily!
  • A choice of different rendering techniques to balance output quality & performance cost.
Windows 64-bit (~4MB)
v. 5.5.*
Unity sdk

Unity SDK

  • Straightforward integration - can be done without writing any code.
  • Control LIV's avatar cameras directly from your application for cutscenes or a gameplay-driven action camera!
  • Tweak LIV's output with shader variants.
  • Support for Unity's Universal Render Pipeline (URP)
Windows 64-bit (~4MB)

If you get stuck, find us on Zendesk

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Head to our User Guide to learn more about setup, avatars, and mixed reality capture!

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